Vincent Agnano aka Vinyll

Web Python / JavaScript developer Nomad

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Web developer

Web Tools

My main activity is essentially about thinking, designing and realize Useful tools and applications based on Web technologies.

Respecting best practices

These applications are crafts, meaning they are coded by hand, respect carefully respecting best practices.
The goal is to ensure the continuing, the lasting quality and the good understanding of each project.

Open source

As much as possible I attempt to use open source tools / languages / projects and also to open release to code I produce.

You may thus read some of my contributions.

Technologies and languages

My affinities are currently around Flask / Python for developping typical client / server applications that eventually require some CRUD.
I tend to use JavaScript to put in place some decoupled micro-applications that would interact with each other (WebSocket, RestFul API).
This way I develop more likely applications over the Web or native using Web technologies.

Getting up-to-day regularly

The Web is one of those very fast evolving area. What was true 6 months ago might not still be today. Languages evolve, new frameworks appear every day ( mostly in JavaScript) and new tools come out to _ease our lives_. At least they constantly break eventual habits.
I say out loud that it is very essential to remain updated and keep one step ahead of the Web itself.

Retro-compatibility / pro-compatibility

Being a Web Developer is also promoting tools for today and tomorrow rather than yesterday. Therefore I push forward for pro-compatibility over retro-compatibility.

This way I can improve User interfaces using Web-Components, CSS3 / CSS-next, JavaScript ES2016 / ES2017, Polymer, and of course Vanilla JS.
All this completing server tools, automation systems and other libraries in constant study.


Digital nomad

Working as a Web Developer, my company and my collegues / associates allow me to live on a constant roaming.
This offers me the flexibility to change my context constantly.

I mostly stay in south of Europe and United States for now.
I also attempt to bring some open projects to life such as and

Any help on these project is more than welcome!

Daily life

I aim to be as what I conceptualize; meaning to adapt, to inter-communicate, all that in a long term perspective.


I ignore most daily news, I obvioulsy have no TV, I don't read the newspaper nor listen to audio news. I only very occasionally read news on the Internet. I attempt to remain away from the external noise.

I rather focus on local action or cooperate for something I can directly access and I like the idea of preserving an Open Web for all. I don't fight against things but rather promote an alternative. I therefore feel like having a more constructive energy. It's also interesting to me to discover new soft means of concrete action at a feasable scale.


Digital contact

You can contact me via Scopyleft, by , on Twitter, eventually LinkedIn.

Looking for a dev

I'm currenly in a full-time job with Scopyleft. I have a good quality of life here, working on projects that I believe in with clients I trust. We meet and work together because of affinity. I'm therefore not looking for a new position for now but we could eventually work on your project together.

I don't have a resume and I won't write one. If you really want to have a conventional idea of my past you might want to check out LinkedIn or Viadeo.
Though I'd really invite you to review the code that was actually produced instead which is more transparent.